3C Tecnología. Glosas de innovación aplicadas a la pyme. ISSN: 2254 – 4143 Edición Especial Special Issue Noviembre 2020
Geetam S. Tomar
Birla Institute of Applied Sciences, Bhimtal, (India).
E-mail: gstomar@ieee.org ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0246-1527
Bishwajeet Pandey
Birla Institute of Applied Sciences, Bhimtal, (India).
E-mail: gyancity@gyancity.com ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5593-8985
Robin Singh
Birla Institute of Applied Sciences, Bhimtal, (India).
E-mail: robin@ieee.org ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6314-4736
Doris Esenarro Vargas
Federico Villarreal National University, Lima, (Peru).
E-mail: desenarro@unfv.edu.pe ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7186-9614
In this special issue of 3C Tecnología, we are publishing only 11 papers of the 6th
International Conference on Green Computing and Engineering Technologies, which was held on 16-18
September 2020 in Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, St Petersburg, Russia.
Although, we have received 374 papers and 72 papers are accepted and published in
conference proceedings. Due to the high-quality standards of our guest editorial board of
3C Tecnología, we shortlisted only 11 papers out of 72 and invited extended versions from
the author and we are publishing the following 11 papers in the October Special Issue of
3C Tecnología.
In the rst paper, Ivanov et al. (2020), considers an approach to visualization of human
body structure using augmented reality. This approach will be a boon for doctors. This
research is going to revolutionize the process of surgery in the healthcare industry. This
paper discusses a project to develop a technology for using augmented reality in planning
and performing surgery. The capabilities of the technology, as well as the prospects for its
use, are highlighted.
In the second paper, Alfaro et al. (2020), are establishing the degree to which inuence
exerted by technology called Balanced Scorecard (BSC) as a support to the software
development. This research also deals with the standardization of CMMI appraisal method,
3C Tecnología. Glosas de innovación aplicadas a la pyme. ISSN: 2254 – 4143 Edición Especial Special Issue Noviembre 2020
Systemic Approach to conceive the problem comprehensively, and level of maturity of the
software process. There is a 26.4% improvement in performance obtained by this research
In the third paper, Shah and Alandjani (2020), highlights the major dependency of the
USA on Fossil Fuels and Nuclear power. This research deals with another approach to the
global clean energy crisis. This approach said instead of nding new energy sources, we
should become energy ecient. Road power generation is a new technology where the
wasted energy of a moving vehicle can be extracted and converted to useful work done.
This paper presents such a technology which when employed at the corner of a road can
send power directly to the grid or run streetlights depending on the mode of operation.
In the fourth paper, Shah and Alsibiani (2020) highlighted the ongoing research in renewable
energy sources in this century. It is often said that wind energy is an unreliable source of
energy. But, Shah and Alsibiani (2020) insist that it is not unreasonable if placed at places
where wind currents are smooth. Savonius rotor as Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) is
used as a standalone power generation device because of its low cost, low cut-in speed and
the fact that it can accept wind from any direction. According to the study conducted, the
voltage output recorded at 5.4 m/s wind speed was 19.1 Volts.
In the fth paper, Khan et al. (2020) investigated one of the emerging areas of research called
Augmented Reality (AR). In this research, they successfully deployed an IOS application
which can detect live gestures of our hand movements and then creating 3D models with
the help of their hand gestures.
In the sixth paper, Hussain et al. (2020) have proposed the multiple fault detection and
identication system for three-phase induction motors using current signature analysis
method (CSAM). The simulated system in MATLAB/SIMULINK and simulation is
performed based on the healthy and unhealthy conditions of the motor. Comparative
analysis between FFT and STFT, shows STFT as a promising approach.
In the seventh paper, Narejo, Talpur, Memon, and Rahoo (2020) applied CNN (Convolutional
Neural Network) for trac sign recognition especially for railway drivers. This paper
explores the system to help the driver recognize road signs to avoid road accidents. In this
3C Tecnología. Glosas de innovación aplicadas a la pyme. ISSN: 2254 – 4143 Edición Especial Special Issue Noviembre 2020
paper, they implement the trac sign recognition by using CNN, the CNN is trained by
using the dataset of 43 dierent classes of trac signs along with TensorFlow library. They
are getting results with 95% accuracy.
In the eighth paper, Paredes et al. (2020) investigate the acceptability of chrysin with the
partial replacement of pituca our based on intake of protein. They used quasi-experimental
design and food ingredients mainly wheat our, pituca our, margarine, white sugar and
yeast in their research. MINITAB and SPSS programs used by researchers for evaluation
of data and samples taken.
In the ninth paper, Nakayo et al. (2020) investigate to demonstrate the yiled of the our
of tocosh of two varieties of potato (solanum tuberosum) canchán and native variety of
“calamarca. The raw material was acquired in the district of Paucartambo province of
Pasco department of Pasco, to 2880 msnm, for the experimental study the two varieties
of potatoes were placed using as technique a pool with a water current with varied times,
where the microorganisms act and increase their activity related to the acidity.
In the tenth paper, Gutiérrez et al. (2020) discusses a great inuence on the physical security
of the urban infrastructure and the citizens of our capital city, that is why it is necessary
to apply prevention strategies since our city is located in a very vulnerable area to seismic
events, mainly huaycos, oods and landslides, settlements, landslides and other supercial
mass movements, so it is necessary to have knowledge of the causes and eects of these
phenomena, the dierent types and carrying capacity of soils in the districts of Metropolitan
Lima, in order to contribute to the knowledge of the degree of vulnerability in which urban
areas, marginal urban areas, human settlements are exposed.
In the eleventh paper, Rojas et al. (2020) identify new mechanisms that serve as tools
for the mitigation of plastic contamination through the biodegradation of low density
polyethylene using microorganisms of the species Pseudomona aeruginosa (bacteria) and
Aspergillus brazilensis (fungus) under controlled thermal conditions in an airlift bioreactor.
The methods used were 2 samples of LDPE with concentrations of 50 mg/L and 2 samples
of 100 mg/L deposited in an airlift bioreactor under controlled thermal conditions with a
duration of 7 days.